How much do travel nurses get paid per hour?


Thanks for the question, Nancy.

Just like a regular, permanent nursing job, the pay scale depends on a variety of factors. Travel nursing jobs pay is determined by the geographical location. A traveling nurse job in a lower cost of living area, say Kansas, is just not going to get the same pay as a travel nursing job in a more expensive area like California. However since a lot of the costs of living are absorbed by the travel nursing agency (housing, as an example) the differences in pay are somewhat negated.

Benefits, bonuses and other extras that are paid to a travel nurse are generally the same throughout the country, though.

What I can do is give you a few examples though. Here are a few jobs that are currently listed in my travel nursing jobs newsletter, "The Weekly Top 25."

Columbus, Georgia has an ER RN at $40 an hour.

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands has a Labor and Delivery RN for $44 an hour

Plymouth, Massachusetts has a Cardiac Cath Lab RN listed at $37-$40 an hour.

That should give you an idea. I see lots of jobs listed in the $40 an hour range. That is about $83000 a year but does not include the housing they provide, which is a substantial amount of your budget, I am guessing.

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Best of luck to you, Nancy!






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